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Woodbridge's Leading Concrete Coatings Service

Warehouse epoxy flooring

Improve your Woodbridge home or business with concrete coatings from Floor Shield of Northern Virginia. Our company name is synonymous with industry excellence for revolutionary floor coating technology. Our innovative coatings surpass what epoxy flooring has to offer, and that's saying a lot. We partner with local home and business owners, and providing you with high-quality flooring is what we do. Our coatings can hold up over time without yellowing or fading, even with prolonged exposure to sunlight and UV lighting. And they're even suitable for outdoor applications. You can request service at any time of the year because our polyaspartic resin system is ideal for all-season applications in 0° - 100° F temperatures. You also won't have to plan for a prolonged curing time because our applications are installed and ready for moving back within hours. Contact us in Woodbridge to find out more about the advantages of our concrete coatings.

Woodbridge's Preferred Option For Stellar Garage Flooring

What do you pick when you have to choose between durable floor coatings or beautiful flooring? The answer should be that you select both because you shouldn't have to make that type of decision. As a Woodbridge homeowner, don't settle for less than the best. Even your garage flooring is worthy of the best treatment, so it looks and performs better than you imagined. As a Floor Shield dealer, we offer various options for customizing your flooring. We'll show you color charts and samples, and you can pick from:

  • Flake System
  • Clear System
  • Solid Color System
  • Quartz System

You get good looks and a stellar performance from our special floor coatings. The polyaspartic technology has superior adhesion and is abrasion resistant, which means no scuffs or chips. With Floor Shield innovation, you can have attractive and hard-working floors.

Property Owners In Woodbridge Appreciate Our Epoxy Flooring Alternative

Our crew at Floor Shield of Northern Virginia is committed to service excellence. Your satisfaction is our guarantee. And we promise that you'll appreciate how our coatings outperform epoxy flooring.

The polyaspartic coating system we provide is ideal for concrete, vinyl, or ceramic tiles and does better than epoxy in many ways:

  • Chip Resistant
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Resists Fading
  • Better Durability

For those property owners concerned about VOCs and air quality, you'll also appreciate that Floor Shield wins compared to epoxy. Contact us in Woodbridge to discuss your options for high-quality concrete coatings.

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