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Floor Shield of Northern Virginia!

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Floor Shield of Northern Virginia is changing how concrete coatings look and perform, in Stafford, Fredericksburg & Woodbridge! Our high-quality coatings are a superior alternative to standard epoxy coatings, taking your residential and commercial floors to the next level. Our product will provide you with exceptional durability and lifetime value. It's a revolutionary game-changer for how to protect and beautify floors. You won't believe the list of benefits Floor Shield technology has to offer, but you'll wish you'd made the switch to polyaspartic resin technology sooner! Call today to inquire about our coating system, and let us tell you about our 15-year warranty - we stand behind our products and services.

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Residential Coatings

As far as concrete coatings are concerned, you won't find a harder working option on the market than Floor Shield. We can customize the look and feel of your home with coating options for garage, outdoor areas, basements and more! You'll definitely appreciate the fact that our coating technology is virtually maintenance-free; just sweep or wet mop for a like-new finish!

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Commercial Coatings

No flooring around takes the abuse that commercial flooring is subjected to. You'll appreciate how hard-working yet still attractive our polyaspartic coatings are. Call us today in Stafford for innovative concrete coatings to enhance your commercial property.

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The Importance Of Concrete Coatings With Floor Shield of Northern Virginia

Would you like to have your floors protected or look good? With the right concrete coatings, you shouldn't have to choose between the two, and Floor Shield of Northern Virginia can assure you that you won't. Our advanced floor coating technology means you get customized beauty and rugged durability all in one. Where epoxy flooring once reigned supreme, Floor Shield technology has taken things to the next level. As little as 5-6 hour application and walk-on return to service means minimal to no disruption to the daily routine for your household or business. We're eager to show you color charts and samples and get you started on the process of installing the best floors you've ever walked all over.

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  • As little as 5-6 hour application and walk-on return to service.
  • All season application in 0° - 100° F temperatures.
  • Manufactured with polyaspartic resin technology, a two-component coating system.
  • Up to 4 times more durable than epoxy flooring.
  • Seamless flooring with a tough, hard, pore-free finish that seals the surface.
  • Colors will not fade or yellow due to age or exposure to sunlight or UV lighting.
  • Virtually maintenance free! Sweep or wet mop for a like-new finish.


Virtually any color choice! Beautiful New Floors!

Same Day Installation

Same Day Installation

Move back in the same day the coating is applied.

15 Year Warranty

15 Year Warranty

Incredible fifteen year warranty!

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Paul and his family enjoy being outside and spend lots of time in the garage with friends and neighbors. One of Paul’s wishes for his new build was to get his 3 car garage flake coated with 100% Polyaspartic. He had done his research […]

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Mihn reached out to us to upgrade his garage floor from the old paint that had hot tire pick-up and chipping. He utilizes his garage for lots of projects and woodworking so he wanted a floor that was durable, easy to clean that looked nice for […]

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Polyaspartic resin technology is indisputably the superior alternative to epoxy flooring for several reasons. For one thing, Polyaspartic is more durable - up to four times stronger, to be exact. Plus, Polyaspartic is more resistant to abrasions than epoxy alternatives because they have greater flexibility for better impact absorption. Overall, Floor Shield technology surpasses what traditional epoxy floor coatings can do. You won't have to worry about fading or yellowing over time with Polyaspartic as you do with epoxy, even with prolonged exposure to UV rays.

Yes! Another reason home and business owners love Floor Shield coatings is the ability to customize the appearance. Choose from sixteen beautiful Flake System color combinations! During your FREE estimate you can review samples of each color combination so you see and "feel" your new coating selection!

Floor Shield of Northern Virginia has provided high-quality flooring for countless commercial and industrial enterprises. Some of our most popular services include commercial kitchens, kennels, gym floors, and warehouses. There are plenty of reasons why our coatings work well in diverse and intensive situations and do better than epoxy flooring. Our Polyaspartic resin technology is durable, seamless, and practically maintenance-free. Plus, if appearance matters, you still have customizable options to enhance the beauty of your floors. Optional additives are the perfect way to achieve better slip resistance and reduce safety incidents. Impress your customers and protect your employees with our innovative technology.

We're here to dispel the misconception that our concrete coatings are for interior use only. A floor coating this durable is the perfect fit for outdoor spaces too. What could make your outdoor living area better than a beautiful and strong coating for concrete? We offer outdoor flooring, patio flooring, and pool deck coatings. With additives, you can also reduce the risk of slip hazards for spaces that get wet, like pool decks. However, if rain is a concern, opt for better traction additives for any of your outdoor applications. To find out more about the benefits of Floor Shield, call us today with questions and schedule your consultation.